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"James Darch (Wicked, Mamma Mia) takes on the role of Brad and excels. With a strong voice, excellent comedy timing and perfect characterisation, it's evident he's having the time of his life on stage; something which translates perfectly to the audience."


"James Darch may only be taking to the stage as Brad Majors for the second time, but he acts like he’s been in the role for ages, offering a seriously convincing nerdy performance. At the same time as he obviously relishes the “geekiness” of the role, he also delivers faultless vocals in his heartfelt solo, Once in a While."


"James Darch as Pat Casey is every inch the hero, separated from his young love after the death of his rabble-rousing trade unionist father and now torn between a desire to take on his father’s mantle and his love for Maggie. Their soaring love duet “It’s Yourself” is as good as you’ll see anywhere and Darch’s “I’m Me,” tormented by inner conflicts, is exceptional."


"James Darch takes on the role of Fiyero with ease. His vocals are top notch he sounded amazing in his rendition of Dancing Through Life. His voice also blended well with Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba) in As Long As Your’e Mine. Overall James gives a great performance as love interest Fiyero and looks at home in the role."


"A highlight in this version is James Darch as Brad, the clean-cut square-jawed husband.In addition to a pleasing vocal, he hands over a fully-rounded performance which is played perfectly straight, making it all the funnier. Brad is the closest thing we get to a protagonist in the story, and his centered performance helps to pivot the whole show on the most tentative narrative tightrope."


"I was particularly impressed with James Darch when he sang Once in a While."


"Brad and Janet are played by Joanne Clifton and James Darch and they really do a service to the roles. Plus, their voices are amazing. Although not my favourite track of the show, Brad’s solo Once in a While really showed of his amazing vocal talent."


"Darch combines an endearing geeky quality alongside brilliant comic timing, not to mention some serious vocal talent."


"James Darch takes on the role of Brad and brings an undeniable charm to the part. I have been fortunate to see Darch in a number of roles before such as in An Officer And A Gentleman and Mamma Mia! and he always impresses."


"Brad (James Darch), has a super powerful voice which deserves something more juicy to get his teeth into, and great charisma."


"James Darch’s Brad is just as convincingly sheltered and corruptible, while his version of ‘Once in a While’ displays that this actor also has a very strong singing voice. It’s all a bit spine-tingly."


"Brad (James Darch) and Janet (Joanne Clifton) played their parts with the appropriate level of open-mouthed naivete with Darch showcasing a good singing voice in his solo Once in a While."


"Joanne Clifton shows all her breathtaking Strictly skills, and much more, as a Janet who soon loses her delicious naivety, while James Darch’s Brad is brilliant, not least with his soaring vocals."


 "James Darch wonderfully exposes the inner conflicts of the man; torn between love and principle, and unable to shake off the shadow of his past. While Lily Hayworth’s strong soprano has the lion’s share of the show’s stirring ballads, Darch contrasts with a memorable rendition of “I’m Me”: one of the musical highlights."


 "Joanne Clifton was wonderfully fluffy as Janet, and James Darch's Brad got to show off his impressive range in Once in a While ."


"James Darch was Brad, equally sickly twee. I've seen several Brads in the past, but not knowing James, made this performance different as I was not associating a well known name with the character and made Brad instantly believable. James has a good musical theatre voice and really highlighted in the ballads."


"Playing Janet Weiss, Strictly Come Dancing's Joanne Clifton is innocent and dirty in perfect measures and dulcet-toned James Darch shines in the role of her fiance Brad."


"Her unique voice also compliments James Darch’s who excels throughout the show particularly during his emotional song ‘I’m Me‘. James Darch’s likeable character, Patrick Casey, is fantastic to watch as he develops and goes on a journey through the production."

"Joanne Clifton and James Darch bring Brad and Janet’s goofiness to life, Darch particularly displaying a fine singing voice in his solo “Once In A While"


"Hayworth and Darch are fantastic as the star-crossed lovers whose paths take a turn for the worse in this fated historical drama. Their evident care for and trust in one another filter into an extremely credible performance."


"Kara Lily Hayworth as Maggie and James Darch as Casey are about as good as you are ever going to get"

"James Darch is completely understated as troubled best friend Sid and really impressive, particularly when he sings Hall and Oates’ Family Man." - Manchester news


"Equally convincing are Jessica Daley and James Darch as Lynette and Sid. Jessica’s stellar vocals and sassy attitude perfectly embody the role of Lynette while James Darch, covering the role of Sid at tonight’s press night, impresses with his strong vocals and powerful performance."

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